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Bryce Krausman


The restaurant business was in the stars for DW Bistro Principal Owner Bryce Krausman. After meeting Chef Dalton Wilson in 2000, the two decided they should work together. It started as event catering, but life took them in different directions. Bryce traveled, pursued roles both in and out of the restaurant industry, and continued developing his love of food, until finally the pair reunited. Realizing there were two pressing needs in the culinary scene off the Las Vegas Strip – namely there wasn’t an eatery where they could eat and drink among friends and there wasn’t a happening brunch spot – Bryce and Dalton set out to fix those issues. In 2010, DW Bistro opened as a neighborhood hub for friends and family to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner. Throughout DW’s history, Bryce has served as the face of the restaurant, welcoming everyone in the doors, making them feel like the best of friends regardless if it’s their first or 400th time in, and continuing to make DW a Las Vegas hotspot everyone can enjoy.